Ludwig van Beethoven

Ouverture pour "Egmont" op. 84

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Franz Liszt

At the Piano - 11 well-known original pieces

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Joseph Haydn

Symphonies londoniennes, 4e série

Edition complète, commentaire critique

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B(e) sharp – what would you play in Mozart’s piano variations K. 265?

Mozart over and over again: In the last blog two weeks ago, we discussed a small rhythmic problem in his d-minor string quartet, today the focus is on a questionable accidental in one of his best-known piano works. Pour en savoir plus »

Kurt Dorfmüller passed away

Pour en savoir plus »

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Henle Piano Competition 2017: The winners

72 young pianists from ten countries took part in the Henle Piano Competition on YouTube. You can see and hear their enthusiasm and fun. Our sincere thanks go to all the girls and boys for their lively participation that really delighted us. Pour en savoir plus »

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17.07. B(e) sharp – what would you play in Mozart’s piano variations K. 265? Pour en savoir plus »

03.07. Non-stop “lombardic” rhythm? On a minute text problem in Mozart’s d-minor String Quartet K. 421 Pour en savoir plus »

19.06. “The future lion is already showing its paws” – The revision of Beethoven’s piano variations, volume 1 Pour en savoir plus »